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I blasted out a thick load to mix with the countless others still sloshing around in my wife’s well-fucked pussy. I was hoping she’d be too drunk to do anything else and just pass out. But I was wrong, I was always wrong.
A big gush of fluid flowed out of her when he pulled back. His cock, now only semi-hard and coated with his cum and her juice, hung inches from my mouth... I took it in and cleaned him, then turned my attention back to her gaping, swollen, sloppy pussy. I lay down and pulled her down on my face... I tried to get my tongue as deep into her as I could.. she knew what I wanted, and she flexed her inner muscles, forcing the creamy fluid out and into my mouth... I drank it down greedily.
Recently, during a hot session in bed, as I sucked her nipples, she suggested, " Fuck me and get my cunt (her word) nice and juicy and then tongue fuck me." I couldn't move fast enough and after a few minutes of deep strokes unloaded. She whispered, "Tongue fuck me, eat my freshly fucked cunt!" And, I had my first taste of creampie.
I couldn't wait any longer; I submissively crawled between her legs and touched the tip of my tongue against her clit. However, immediately the raw smell of sex overwhelmed me. Things started to fall into place. The shower, her reluctance to sleep with me, her attempts at stopping me from going down on her, were all signs. Janice had cheated on me. My desire for sex overwhelmed my desire to scream. Even if she had just fucked someone I wouldn't stop before I got my piece. I continued to gently nibble and suck on her hardening clit. "Eat me." She groaned and she rubbed her soaked cunt against my face. She no longer cared that I might find out that she had just fucked someone else.
Emily stood semi-naked in just stockings and high heels with her hands on her hips and a haughty smile on her pretty face. I looked past her to see Carl lying naked on my bed, leering at me, his long, thick cock lay across his thigh still wet and sticky. It still looked massive as it gleamed in the light, still slimy with her juice. Emily looked at me, annoyed, and said, "Well, what do you want?" My resolve crumbled as I looked at her beautiful body, thick white stuff dribbling down the insides of her thighs. Her neck and breasts were covered in love-bites and there was that air of confidence about her that finished me off.
Well in about two minutes, I blast a load, most of which she gets on her hand. Then she brings the hand to our mouths and puts her cummy fingers in mine! Heaven! I licked off a few good-sized dollops and kissed her with it, we're swapping a little jizz, mashing our cummy lips together. Fuck, that's hot.
She whispered into my ear,"Fill my cunt with your hot cum, fill it!" I came almost immediately when she groaned,"Eat me, tongue fuck me!" Down I went. She threw her legs over my shoulders and pulled my face into her wet pussy screaming,"Eat my cunt, eat your hot cum, slut!"
My wife pulled my face against them again. I started to lick. I licked all over. I licked both of them. I didn’t care any more about licking another man’s cock. What did it matter? I tasted my cum on my tongue. But that was nothing new. I had licked my cum off my wife hundreds of times, and sucked it out of her hot pussy just as often. I sucked at her clit and heard her start to cum again. Just then I heard Steve moan that he was cumming. I just kept sucking at her clit. Suddenly my lips and tongue got very wet and slippery and I realized Steve was pumping a huge load of cum into my wife’s pussy. His cum coated his cock, it coated her pussy, and it coated my entire face as my wife ground my face against them.
Our favorite activity with a guest is for her to lie on top of me in a 69 position, and for our friend to fuck her doggy style while I lick at her clitoris. Once our guest cums and pulls out, she tilts her cunt forward so she drips her prize directly into my mouth. I invariably cum the moment the first big glob of cum fills my mouth. For some reason that I don't understand, the cum from one of our guests always smells and tastes much stronger than my own as I receive it from my wife
My heart was racing with excitement as I withdrew from her and she quickly slid that dripping cum filled snatch over my face. I grabbed her pussy lips with my thumbs and spread them open to see the opalescent flow coming my way. I buried my tongue into her. Lapping at the mixture of her juices and the two loads of cum. I had always enjoyed creampies but the thought that I was eating this other guys cum for some reason turned me on more.
Angie immediately grabbed his slippery cock and began to jack it off with her right hand. She put her left arm around me, pulled me to her and French kissed me, sticking her tongue halfway down my throat. I must say I liked it and returned the favor. When our kiss broke she turned to look at Chucks cock which he was thrusting up to match the motion of her hand. Chuck let out a moan and her left hand moved from my shoulder to the back of my neck. She seemed to be pulling me forward, toward her and Chucks cock and I turned my head to look at her at the same time I pushed back against her hand. She leaned toward me and whispered in my ear "I want you to go with this Gary. I promise you that you won't be sorry - I'll make it worth your while." I looked at her curiously, but stopped resisting her - since she was going to make it worth my while - and let her pull me down with her towards Chucks cock.

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